We as a band were formed in 2010. The Band has been together for just over 4 years. LadyStrange is a full five piece band. We are all very close friends and are pretty much family to each other! We love all of our fans and followers. We are a very strong and high performance band. We all enjoy doing what we do, and have so much fun and always look forward to seeing everyone when we play out. There is nothing else more fun and enjoyable than what we do, and that is Playing Music and Enjoying Entertaining everyone.

LadyStrange Members

Athena Christian

She is the lead vocalist. She plays Drums, all Percussion, Keyboards and Flute. She has been performing in the Capital District Area for over 25 years. Music is her passion, singing and performing is a part of her daily life. With Athena's own outgoing style of singing all kinds of music, she has worked in former bands: White Lace, Essateris, Nouveau Riche, Over Exposure, Second Nature, and Lickity Split, Rant N Rave. Her influences are: Janice Joplin, Anne & Nancy Wilson, Stevie Nicks, Pat Benatar, Journey and Michael Jackson.

Reggie Kafouris

He is the Keyboard Player, Guitarist and Vocals. He has been performing in the Capital District Area for over 20 years. With Reggie's Fine and Amazing Keyboard Playing, he has played in former bands: Random Access, Ace High, Orphans and The Billy Proctor Band. His Influences are: Elton John, Billy Joel and Jimmy Steinman.